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The UKMEPP are members of The Shipbuilders and Ship repairers Association's (SSA) who assists the UK Maritime Industry to reduce their energy costs by grouping the whole of the UK Shipping, Marine and other industries within this sectors energy contracts to give them more buying power without the hassle of using direct suppliers. By signing up with the shipping procurement energy costs can be reduced from 20% up to 70% with more members signed up buying there energy at the same time, this gives not just the large customers which benefit from this but also the small SME customers within the UK Marine Industry. The UKMEPP has been created and is ran by a dedicated team with vast experience in the energy market and the Marine Industry, boasting a significant internal management team, account management and a network of partners with access to “top tier” supplier relationships and pricing. Every customer is assigned to a specialist account manager, with access to dedicated electricity suppliers. As a result, customer services and billing queries are resolved more effectively and in a short space time than an individual consumer may expect by going direct to standard supplier customer service channels.

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