A new look for the cat workboat market

Mon, 13 July 2015

With its rakish, modern looks and super-efficient hull form, one UK workboat designer believes his new nine metre vessel could be set to win support across a number of industry sectors.

The Blade 9 from Powerglide/ Power Catamarans is designed to take outboard engine power or alternately, conventional inboard diesel engines, and for total economy- electric power.

Rod Baker, the designer, has already built over a thousand boats and virtually all   for the charter or other commercial markets.

According to Rod, there are many unusual features in the construction of this GRP craft and some new things that we have never seen before.

One change was to design the mould tooling give a totally smooth look to the hull without any joins between the normal hull and gunwhale joint area.

The reason this catamaran will be so efficient is that the craft will simply cut through the water instead of beating and slamming its way through or over the waves, which to say the least, is uncomfortable, and fuel costly.

Rod also claims that the Blade, at 9m in length and 3.8m beam has about the same deck space as a conventional 12m boat, but ample room to seat 10 passengers inside the wheelhouse, and possibly more.

The vessel has been designed to be a totally multipurpose Catamaran. Because of the big aft deck space, Rod says it will be eminently suitable for people who make a daily living from their boat by offering many diverse services. When quizzed by MJ on what these services would be, Rod came up with the following extensive list:

Charter Angling

Dive Charter

Survey Boat, Inshore work, Gantry fitted and Moon pool

Harbour Master’s boat for Estuary use

Lobster and Crab fishing boat, for smaller enterprises

General run around, sailing club for instance

Cross river or estuary small passenger ferry

Rod finally added that the design would also be ideal for environmental use in sensitive waters as it will be such a low wash boat.

Source: Jake Frith;

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