ABPmer advises on shingle spit

Mon, 09 February 2015

On the UK’s south coast, the working group for Pagham Parish Council, Pagham Flood Defence Steering Group (PFDSG), has engaged with ABPmer to identify the best solution for managing the large shingle spit fronting Pagham Harbour in West Sussex.

This spit has grown substantially over the last decade and an intervention is needed to ease the pressure of erosion that it is placing on the Pagham foreshore and the related, ongoing threats to properties along that frontage; an issue for the residents which has seem much recent coverage in the UK press.

The work to be undertaken by ABPmer will involve determining the design of, and securing the planning permissions needed for, an appropriate intervention.

 Colin Scott, coastal realignment specialist at ABPmer said: “We are delighted to have been contracted to do this work for PFDSG. Pagham Harbour is a location which exemplifies the challenges of managing, and living beside, an ever-changing coastal environment. It also illustrates how we need to work with and not against natural process at the coast.”

ABPmer specialises in adapting shorelines for flood protection, nature conservation and other purposes having been engaged in more than 10 such schemes in the past five years.

Source: Jake Frith,

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