Australia - design and build of Sydney Inner Harbour passenger ferries

Mon, 01 December 2014

Transport for New South Wales is inviting experienced organisations to respond to their tender for the design and construction of 6 new passenger ferries for service in Inner Sydney Harbour


Transport for NSW is seeking an experienced organisation for the design and build of 6 new passenger ferries for Inner Sydney Harbour. 

The work under the proposed contract includes the detailed design, build and operational handover of 6 "Inner Harbour" class ferries in Sydney Harbour.


The Tenderer must demonstrate as a minimum: 

(a)demonstration of experience in the detailed designing and building of aluminium Vessels of class 1D NSCV rules or Uniform Shipping Law code up to 35m length or over in the last 10 years;

(b)evidence of sufficient financial capacity to provide a minimum of AUD $2million of securities as required by the Contract; and

(c)confirmation that the Tenderer agrees in principle to license Intellectual Property rights to the Buyer royalty free; and

(d)the Tender substantially complies with the shape of the superstructure (heritage style) and fit-out (passenger and crew facilities) requirements as shown in the Reference Design.


Upon TfNSW confirming that the interested party is a legitimate Tenderer, the Tenderer will be required to sign a Confidentiality Deed Poll and return to access the full tender documents. 


If you would like further information on these or other projects contact  or

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