Blackwater level sensor with no moving parts

Mon, 03 April 2017

UK fluid measurement specialist Gill Sensors & Controls Limited has applied much thought to the unpalatable issue of obtaining long-term reliable indications of content levels in marine sewage holding tanks and has now announced immediate availability of its new 7014 Blackwater Level Sensor for the marine industry.

The sensor’s technology has been specifically developed to meet increased regulatory requirements for both black and gray water discharge, and address the reliability and maintenance issues with current Blackwater holding tank content measurement solutions.  

The sensor features a technology break-through with a simple probe and no moving parts, providing an accurate new device for liquid waste measurement.  The new design eliminates the problem of sticky sensors that cause frozen output(s), which has been a longstanding problem in the industry.  With no moving parts or floats, there is nothing to wear or freeze.  The maintenance-free device provides a reliable signal from one of the most difficult to reach access points deep within most hulls.  

The 7014 probe’s non-stick FEP surface acts as the sensing surface.  Using Gill’s proprietary capacitive technology, the sensor can differentiate between liquid waste coming into contact with the probe’s exterior surface versus air (unfilled space at the top of the tank).  The difference between the two is used to calculate true level for optimum accuracy.  The sensing surface is equally effective at angled measurement and in the harsh environments of work boats. The wetted area on the probe is manufactured with FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) and is immune to not only liquid waste, but also common detergents, paper products, odour masks and other aggressive cleaning chemical combinations commonly found in marine tanks. 

Unlike other level sensing solutions on the market, Gill provides customisation with easy to use GUI software.  Users can set both minimum and maximum levels and use the unique tank sensor profiling feature to linearise the output on non-standard tank geometries.  Gill’s software also includes a programmable switch function (output) that allows users to set a specific level to trigger an alarm or warning that the tank’s level has reached the preselected point. 

The sensor is available in sizes from 250mm to 1000mm with all of the common electrical outputs including Resistive 10-180Ω or 240-33Ω, Analogue with both 0.25 - 4.75V DC and 0.25 – 10.0V versions, and Current output with 4-20mA.

“We’re excited to solve this long standing marine water issue,” said Simon Peaty, Product Manager for Gill Sensors. “This technology allows owners to ‘fit and forget’ while providing a more reliable signal. The tank profiling software is ideal in obtaining gauge readings where a ½ tank indication truly means 50% capacity remaining.“

The new 7014 Blackwater Level Sensor solution is available via Gill in the UK or through Gill’s U.S. Distribution partner, Everight Position Technologies. 

Visit Gill Sensors & Controls at Seawork International 2017 on stand PY21.

Source: Jake Frith

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