Blue New Deal launch

Mon, 21 November 2016

The New Economics Foundation has launched its 20-point action plan which aims to revitalise the UK coast.

With Britain’s coastal residence facing multiple challenges, Blue New Deal hopes to reverse economic and social decline by providing people with tools to change.

The proposed plan draws on everyday experiences to build real solutions and has been developed in partnership with a large number communities and businesses.

Marc Stears, chief executive of the foundation, explained: “The Brexit voice this summer was a wake-up call. Across the UK there is a clear need for a new economy – one based on an inclusive and outward-looking agenda that will help people really take control of their lives.”

“Britain’s coastal communities are dotted with innovative new projects but they have not been given the support or attention they deserve. Our action plan aims to build on those ideas and create opportunities for fundamental, wide-scale change.”

The action plan identifies 20 priorities including greater local control over public goods and services, additional investment, closer partnerships between different areas, authorities and industries and commitment to clean, sustainable coastal waters.

It proposes that the Blue New Deal Action Plan could support up to 160,000 additional jobs as well as create £7.2bn additional income for coastal Local Authorities.

“This action plan marks the beginning of a major effort to breathe new life into long-neglected public infrastructure and get people excited about what our coast, a valuable shared resource, has to offer,” said Fernanda Balta, Blue New Deal’s lead at the foundation.

She concluded: “Our launch showcases just a handful of the hugely innovative projects that form the building blocks for a coastal industrial revolution. It is only through speaking with and learning from communities in these areas that we will make it a reality.”

Source: Alice Mason;

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