Body armour for the marine environment

Mon, 08 February 2016

Protection for Maritime environments can be difficult to choose, and it is often hard to know whether your body armour will fit the bill. UK-based SafeGuard has been working with Security Institutions involved in Maritime Security to offer a vest and helmet that it claims are well-suited to Maritime work.

The Commander Vest is a Tactical Vest designed to offer ergonomic and lightweight protection. The vest uses MOLLE webbing to provide a comfortable and flexible interior, while the outside of the carrier is covered with a durable Cordura lining designed to protect against water in particular.

The vest features 100% Kevlar armour for the front, back, and sides, offering complete protection for the torso. In addition to this, front and rear-facing pockets allow for the insertion of rigid plates capable of protecting against high calibre threats. This is useful to those who may be facing pirates, who are increasingly using high-calibre weapons.

The Commander also has the benefit of being upgradeable with auxiliary protection for the throat, neck, groin, and upper arm. It also comes with fully adjustable shoulder and waist straps to ensure the right fit. The Kevlar protection is available upto Level IIIa, which will protect against most handgun ammunition. It is also available with Stab and Spike Protection.

The PASGT Alphacore Helmet uses thermoplastic resin and aramid fibres to provide lightweight protection. The Helmet also incorporates an ergonomic design so as not to limit vision and not move about during use. The resin and aramid also create a durable surface that can resist adverse weather conditions.

The Helmet comes with an adjustable internal suspension system to keep it comfortable, and offers protection at NIJ Level III, making it capable of stopping high-calibre rounds, explosives and fragmentation.

With the Commander and the PASGT Helmet, Safeguard claims that anyone working in a maritime environment can feel secure in durable protection capable of dealing with all the threats common to the situation.

Source: Jake Frith

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