Mon, 21 March 2016

Marine Safety - Supply arrangement for services related to statutory inspection and certification functions of marine safety.

Marine Safety: Requirement to establish a Supply Arrangement (SA) for the services, related to the statutory inspection and certification functions of Classification Societies which are approved by a Canadian Federal Department working in marine safety.

In order to promote an efficient marine transportation system and encourage the harmonization of marine practices, the Federal Department has entered into formal agreements with certain Classification Societies, under the authority of the Canada Shipping Act, 2001. These arrangements cover the delegation of statutory inspection and certification functions in marine safety.

When a Classification Society enters into this agreement with the Federal Department, they are known under regulation as a Recognized Organization (RO). There are 7 ROs for the purposes of vessel inspection and certification in Canada. This proposed Supply Agreement will be for use Canadian Federal Departments, including areas of government operated ships used for non-commercial purposes.

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