Marine rescue and salvage bureau in China seeks specialist night vision equipment from the UK.

Today, China boasts a vast ocean resource, booming shipping transportation with a large quantity of seamen and rescue & salvage forces. China possesses more than 300 square kilometers worth of coastal areas and exclusive economic zones. As a country of booming shipping transportation, China owns ocean-going fleet composed of 220,000 vessels, this fleet shoulders the shipment of 90% imported and exported goods. as a country of a large number of seamen. As a country comprising of rescue and salvage forces, China has preliminarily established a joint rescue network of sea and air across the costal regions of the whole country.

The marine rescue force has many responsibilities from the government including; implement laws, regulations and policies as well as carrying out life-saving and salvage missions assigned by the government.

This ocean rescue network is now seeking a number of specialised marine products. This opportunity is for UK night vision equipment, which will be used for deep-sea rescue and salvage missions. The equipment needs to be high quality and reliable.

To find out more, please register your interest with our team in China.

The China-Britain Business Council (‘CBBC’) is a membership organisation and UKTI’s chosen partner in China to deliver trade services. To find out more about CBBC please visit

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