Coda Octopus and Hemisphere join forces

Mon, 20 April 2015

UK-based Coda Octopus and US-based Hemisphere GNSS are joining forces to deploy new solutions for the marine industry, starting with a new F175-H motion reference system.

The new solution combines Hemisphere Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers and Coda Octopus inertial technology. The companies say by combining the GNSS outputs from the Hemisphere VS GNSS receiver and the high-grade Inertial Measurement Unit (IMBU) from Coda, the F175-H delivers an affordable, robust motion reference system for a range of marine applications including imaging, mapping, security, construction and survey.

“We are convinced that a combination of our GNSS receiver with Coda Octopus F175 Inertial system will give customers a higher quality integrated motion and positioning solution and easier integration with their systems,” said Garry Hurkens, regional sales manager, North America, Hemisphere GNSS.

With the ability to receive position data from a number of GNSS receiver systems, the F175 is an out-the-box solution to access precision motion reference data. Being an inertial based system, the F175 will continue to output data even during GNSS outages. The blended results are said to be more accurate when compared to separate and standalone position, heading and motion reference systems.

The F175 features easy-to-use topside Motion software which Coda says enables the system to be quickly mobilised on any vessel of choice. The F175 is compatible with all multibeam recording packages such as HYPACK and QINSy.

Source: Rachael Doyle

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