Communication Skills for Engineers

Fri, 05 February 2016

The Royal Institution of Naval Architects, in conjunction with Emmett and Smith, offers two one-day workshops aimed at developing the communication skills of engineers.  The workshops demonstrate  how to effectively communicate in business with a specific focus on customer and colleague engagement through enhanced presentation and networking skills.     The workshops provide those attending with opportunities to utilise their newly acquired knowledge,  practice their new skills and receive constructive feedback.  Delegates are encouraged to be proactive and contribute towards the process as they grow in confidence.

Effective Communications

This workshop covers the fundamental communications skills required by all engineers. It includes:

·        Understanding what effective communication is

·        Active listening

o   Tips

o   Bad habits

o   The listening hierarchy

·        Verbal & non-verbal communication

·        Laws of Remembering & Forgetting

·        The communication pyramid

·        Attention Spans

The Effective Communications workshop  provides a useful, but not essential, lead-in to the more focussed workshop on Effective Presentation and Networking workshop.

Effective Presentation and Networking

This new workshop covers the skills needed by engineers who are required to give presentations, both oral and written, and network at all levels.  It includes:

·        Understanding the purpose and value of powerful communication

·        Developing  communication skills to ensure there is consistency and maximum effect.

·        Being open in communication situations and have confidence to put forward own / new ideas

·        Using techniques to ensure that you are concise in communications

·        Creating an action plan to fine tune your communication skills through presentations and networking activities. 

Each  workshops will have a maximum of 12 delegates, and may be booked singly or together.  Details of workshops in 2016 may be found at

Discounts on the delegate fee for two or more bookings, or for attending both workshops are available.

Programmed workshops are held at RINA Headquarters in London.  However, workshops at the company’s location may also be organised.  For further details, contact Catherine Staunton-Lambert at  

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