Dover Marina changes

Mon, 20 July 2015

The planned development of the Western Docks in Dover Harbour will bring about major changes to the adjacent Dover Marina. Not only will the entrance to the marina be changed but two of the existing marina dock areas will be filled in and replaced by a large new tidal marina area.

The developments are part of a major reconstruction of the Western Dock area to remove redundant facilities and develop cargo areas. Currently Dover Marina comprises three old dock facilities, the Wellington Dock with 160 berths, Granville Dock with 133 berths and the Tidal Harbour with 107 berths. As part of the Western Docks development the Granville Dock and the Tidal Harbour basins will be filled in and a new entrance to the Wellington Dock will be created. Currently the marina area is home to the Dover Lifeboat and various port related workboats.

Currently access to the marina basins is protected by the Prince of Wales Pier and the old hovercraft terminal. The new entrance to Wellington Dock will be to the north east of the Prince of Wales Pier and a new pier extending out from the shore will be built to partially enclose this area which will then be transformed into a dedicated marina area where around 400 pontoon berths will be installed.

Initial consultancy contracts for the start of the work have been placed and it is anticipated that the project will be completed by 2017. Much of the initial development work is likely to be focussed on the new cargo handling areas in the Western Docks with work on the new marina being the being the secondary and probably the last part of the overall development. During the construction stages there is likely to be considerable disruption to the marina facilities as they are re-developed.

Included in the new marina development with be some land based development but the space available for this is limited.

Source: Dag Pike;,-harbour-and-marine-construction/dover-marina-changes

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