Garmin helps crews deal with emergency situations

Mon, 01 December 2014

In an emergency situation, very few people manage to think straight - so says Nigel Craine OEM sales manager for Garmin.

To help with this, the company has launched its latest chart plotters which include a SOS screen which gives a prompt and a script as suggested by the coastguard.

“If there is a situation whereby there is a DSC situation such as a hole in the bottom of the vessel or the captain or skipper has been injured or fallen over the side, life can get a bit panicky and no-one thinks straight,” says Mr Craine. “The chart plotters provide an easy prompt telling the crew the words to say when they go into communication mode.

“People are inevitably going to be stressed as they’ve probably never been in the situation before.

“It’s an added safety feature to make it easier for people in a dangerous situation.”

For Garmin the SOS screen is just one of its developments integrating vessels’ DSC, AIS, VHF and MFDs

“It’s very clever use of technology which is all becoming very integrated with all the instruments talking to each other,” said Mr Craine. “The electronics quiz the system and pick up all the details such as the vessel’s position and even its name.”

Another development from the company is in its new sonars which says Mr Craine are a ‘major leap forward’.

Previously offered in the US and used primarily for inland waterways, the sonars have been upgraded and are now suitable for open water.

“We’ve developed new technology which gives them the power to work in deeper water.

“Traditional sonar sends out a ping which interprets a picture under the vessel. These send out multiple pings over multiple frequencies giving a much clearer 3D picture of the bottom.

“They’re ideal for fishermen looking for wrecks or for coastguards looking for sunken boats or cars thrown over the cliffs,” said Mr Craine.

“We’ve developed new transducers and multibeams and made them easier to install.

“The picture received is almost like a photograph.”

By Katina Read



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