GreenMed II: South regional environment and water programme - ENI

Mon, 19 January 2015

Technical assistance required for project aiming for reduced marine pollution, sustainable use of scarce water resources and protection of marine biodiversity in the southern European neighbourhood countries

European neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) project.

Algeria / Egypt / Israel / Jordan / Lebanon / Libya / Morocco / Palestine / Syria / Tunisia

ENI Cost: 28,6 M€

Total Cost: 32,6 M€

Sector: Environmental Policy

The overall objective of this action is to contribute to reduced marine pollution, sustainable use of scarce water resources, and protection of marine biodiversity in the ENI South countries.

The specific objectives are:

Stronger and better enforced national regulatory and policy framework for reducing and preventing pollution of the Mediterranean Sea, in particular, municipal waste, urban waste water and industrial pollution. A special focus on commitments under the Barcelona Convention and on addressing issues undermining investment and business opportunities (such as negative financial returns)

Improved availability and access to relevant environmental information to the benefit of effective and knowledge-based policy-making in the region, through improvement of national and regional environmental information systems, with a specific focus on the application of the Shared Environmental Information System principles

Strengthened integrated water resource management, with a special focus on water co-operation (including specific actions for shared water resources in the Maghreb), river basin management, water demand management, the water / energy / food security nexus, broad stakeholder participation and open access to data

Sustainable water management policies and practices in the context of increasing water scarcity, combined pressure on water resources from a wide range of users, and desertification processes, in connection with climate change are further promoted and disseminated in the region

The implementation of the Horizon 2020 Initiative Road Map and Work Plan is further supported, through capacity building and awareness raising activities

The Mediterranean network of ecologically representative, inter-connected and effectively managed Marine Protected Areas is strengthened and further developed


Service: 9,6 M€

*Please be aware that you may be charged for further information.

Opportunity Type: General Procurement

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