HSE Solvent Research Project – Information for participants

Wed, 25 June 2014

HSE lacks current information about solvent usage for degreasing / cleaning following changes to the way they are supplied and used (2004 Solvent Emissions Regulations and REACH). As a result we are currently working on a project that aims to ascertain the usage of degreasing / cleaning solvents using the supply chain.

We are gathering the following information:

·         Relevant industries and their size

·         Which solvents / products are in use

·         The users and suppliers

·         What they are used for

·         How much is used

·         How they are used / handled


The information gathered will inform a second phase of work where a selection of volunteer users will be visited by HSL Research Scientists (not HSE inspectors) to look at how solvents are currently used and assess potential solvent exposures. This, in turn will be used to update and revise our guidance for both industry and inspectors.

What’s in it for me?

As touched on above, your company and this industry will benefit from the outcomes of this research because we aim to update and improve the guidance on the safe use of solvents. Without up to date information, the industry may be operating inefficiently and ineffectively, as well as potentially putting peoples health at risk and un-knowingly contravening the law.

If you get involved now, you or your customers may be selected as part of the volunteer sample of companies HSL will be visiting in Phase 2. During this Phase we will carry out free workplace surveys on solvent use for participating companies.


What can I do to help now?

We would be very grateful if you would participate in Phase 1 of this project by completing our short questionnaire covering the bullet points above. This should take around 15 minutes to complete. Your interaction with HSL in this phase is completely confidential – the information will be summarised and anonymised to form a general overview of the industry.


Thank you for reading this information. We hope you can help us in this valuable research.

Research Contact

For further details contact:

Joan Cooke,

Occupational Hygiene Practitioner, HSL

Tel: 0151 951 4360 or email

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