Iceni unveils first of class transfer vessel

Mon, 16 March 2015

UK-based Iceni Marine Services is expanding its fleet of South Boat-built catamarans with a new first of class DNV 22m windfarm crew transfer vessel.

Iceni Venture will carry 12 technicians alongside three crew members to and from windfarm developments in UK and European waters. Built by South Boats IOW, it is the company’s first to employ a controllable pitch propeller using Servogear, and has achieved sprint speeds of up to 32 knots in recent sea trials.

“Today [the launch] is a milestone for Iceni Marine Services – bringing our new first of class 22m Iceni Venture into the heart of the City of London,” said Richard Thurlow, services director.

The new vessel has benefitted from South Boats’ extensive testing programme, which aims to better understand the benefits and limitations of various hull forms and how they perform. The company says this latest newbuild is the ‘first’ crew transfer vessel to address typical hull form problems and “promises to deliver a new benchmark in performance”.

In addition, the design has been fully tank tested to optimise sea-keeping, running trim and performance.

Iceni Venture and sister vessel Iceni Vengeance, which is due to be launched later this month, will expand the Iceni fleet of South Catamarans to six.

Source: Rachael Doyle

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