Inflatable survey platform

Mon, 28 November 2016

Calypso, a novel inflatable remote-controlled platform that can carry a wide range of sensors for hydrographic and environmental surveys, has been developed by dotOcean of Brugge.

The Belgian company says the 20kg system provides an unmanned facility for not only single beam echo sounder measurements, but also for mounting other sensors such as cameras, gas and temperature instruments, acoustic doppler current profilers (ADCPs) and water samplers.  It can be transported, installed and operated by just one person.

Propelled by two DC electric rotors and with an endurance rate of up to two hours, the  radio-controlled system is connected to a proprietary Atlantis software suite with a user-friendly web-based visualisation aid. The online data storage amenity for acquisition and storage of information in real-time can be combined with data from other hydrographic sources.  Its software is capable of acquiring, processing, display and distribution of data in addition to providing full quality control.

Maximum survey speed of the 1.8 metre craft is 6 knots with provision for automatic onboard storage of data for later relay where no internet connection is directly available.

Source: David Goodfellow

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