Instruments to be used in marine sector

Mon, 24 November 2014

A Japanese importer is looking for a supplier of all kinds of instruments to be used in newly building ships.

The importer is a specialist in the marine and engineering sectors with a broad customer base.  They are looking for follwing instruments to be used in newly build ships:-

1.   Flow instruments

2.   Level instruments

3.   Pressure instruments

4.   Temperature instruments

5.   Analytical instruments

6. Miscellaneous instrument bulks

On receipt of your interest, we will provide you with a full list of instuments required.   The original list was issued by a leading shipbuilder in Japan to the importer.  If you are interested in doing business with the importer, we will also advise you of their contact details.  You may wish to send further information to them including types of products (in the list), business record, USP and possibly price estimate. 

We should be grateful if you could note:-

A.   If your company is already represented by your local partner in Japan and the importer should purchase from your local representative or partner and not directly from you, they are not interested in doing business with you.

B.   If the importer is interested in your products, they will try to introduce you to the shipbuilder in an effort to register you to their vendor’s list.  However, you cannot always expect a reply from the importer if their reaction is negative.

Opportunity Type: General Procurement

Response deadline: 31/03/2015

Deadline: 31/03/2015

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