Japanese company wants a range of water sports products to sell in fashion speciality and department stores.

Mon, 30 January 2017

The company wants to work with UK companies who can supply high quality outdoor accessories and apparel.

At the moment they are looking for companies producing clothing and accessories suitable for marine sports who:

• have not done business with Japan before

• have no distributor in Japan

• have a long history or are a new brand

• produce sustainable products

The Japanese company is interested in ordering around 5,000 to 10,000pcs in January 2017.

This company is:

• well established in imports, distribution, wholesale and retail

• experienced in apparel and fashion accessories

Register your interest for more information from our team in Japan.

You should include:

• a brief introduction to your company

• unique selling points (USPs) of your products

• website address

Expiry date:

31 January 2017

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