Marine exhaust cleaning system

Home Port Marine's, the marine product consultancy, has acknowledged Centek’s Marine’s genset exhaust solution Gen-Kleen as one of its products of the week.

The Gen-Kleen system integrates with a generator wet exhaust system to remove hydrocarbon pollution (sheen, soot, unspent gasoline and diesel fuel) from exhaust water before it is discharged.

In order to filter the un-wanted hydrocarbons, the cooling water is first separated from the exhaust gasses. The water is then routed to a reservoir before being directed to the filter canister where it passes through a series of patented filters which bind the hydrocarbons together and allows the water to pass through freely.

Because it’s compact, the Gen-Kleen system integrates many of the system components into a single package. A larger component Gen-Kleen disperses the components throughout the engine compartment as space allows.

The Gen-Kleen system is available for marine gensets from 5kw and up in two models to accommodate different engine room layouts. There are over 100 systems installed on vessels worldwide.

Source: Anne-Marie Causer

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