Morgan Advanced Materials expands with ultrasonic sensors

Mon, 29 September 2014

UK-based Morgan Advanced Materials is expanding its offering with customised and optimised sensors for use in harsh environments.

Products available include liquid and gas flow measurement and level/distance detection, while additional ultrasonic assessment can be made, including the identification of fluid ‘quality’ and chemical concentration. The company says this marks a major step forward in a number of markets which each present a particular set of technical challenges.

"Our engineering, design and development expertise enables us to provide customised solutions that exactly meet customers' needs. We know harsh environment markets well, and have spent years deliberately extending our experience and capabilities in this area,” said Tony Beswick.

“As a result we can optimise each of our products for its specific application, for example complimentary elements may be added or materials revised according to the destined environment. However, there is no room for complacency and there may well be applications for our capabilities that we have not thought of yet," he added.

Morgan’s latest development in harsh environment technology comes in the form of its ultrasonic level sensors, which are can be applied to a large and diverse range of settings including marine, automotive, aerospace, rail, chemical, oil and gas and industrial. When used with liquids, these new sensors are tolerate to contamination from particles, ice crystals, foam and fluid opacity – a feature Morgan Advanced expects to boost their popularity.

These harsh environmental solutions are made to give optimal performance in each specific application. For example, in subsea environments, sensors must resist extreme levels of pressure, which make great demands on the ceramic materials used and the toughness and durability of the units manufactured.

Morgan Advanced has its own state-of-the-art assembly, integration and test facilities, so harsh environment technologies can be tested, optimised and characterised across wide operational conditions to ensure they match each customer’s needs.

By Rachael Doyle



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