Morocco - Collaboration requested for didactic marine station

Mon, 10 October 2016

Market: Morocco

Sectors: Education & Training, Marine, Mechanical Electrical & Process Engineering, and Renewable Energy

Request for collaboration in maritime energy

The project is for the production of electric energy from Maritime energy through a didactic station and a real experimental station in the marine environment.

A leading university in Casablanca with over 30 years of experience is in the process of setting up a complete didactic station laboratory scale to allow studies, comprehension and mastery of different aspects of the process of energy production It then wants to transfer this vision to the marine environment.

The university is very interested in the approach and technology of UK universities, institutions or companies in the marine energy sector for the collaboration in a mutual technology transfer allowing them to take this project forward in two phases:

1. The set up of a complete didactic station on a laboratory scale. 
2. The installation and commissioning of a small experimental station but complete in the real marine environment.

British Chamber of commerce For Morocco will be pleased to help companies that are interested in this opportunity.

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