Remote locations served by Tideman vessels

Mon, 19 June 2017

Netherlands-based Tideman Boats BV said its workboats are more durable than comparable vessels, as it demonstrated the first boat in its evolving Rigid Buoyancy Boat (RBB) range at Seawork 2017.

Bruno Tideman, CEO of Tideman Boats BV, said that company’s boats are made from polyethylene and not as fragile as standard RIBs filled with air, while they can withstand wear resulting from friction with equipment such as steel boots, helmets and hard hats.

Mr Tideman explained the first vessel in the range was produced two years ago and the company currently produces two boats per month based on a 8-12 week delivery period: “We are constantly developing. Every boat is like a one off.”

Used for purposes including dive support, patrolling and surveys, the rigid nature of the vessel also enables it to access locations where traditional RIBs would struggle, said Mr Tideman.

Speaking about the companies using the boats, he stated: “They will go to areas in the world like Africa, remote locations where the workboat always has to work and this is a good alternative.”

The boats, which are fitted with diesel engines as standard, are largely purchased by harbour authorities, diving and dredging companies. Depending on the model, they are fitted with T-tops, A-frames or biminis.

The company's website allows users to select their full specifications including propulsion and classification. Customers are then provided with a price and can order online.

Source: Rebecca Jeffrey

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