Seawork introduces ECMAs

Tue, 30 May 2017

This year, for the first time, the Seawork International 2017 trade show will present its new European Commercial Marine Awards (ECMAs) alongside its Innovation Showcase winners, as it celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Taking place at Mayflower Park in Southampton, the Seawork Innovation Showcase, sponsored by Lloyds Register, and the ECMAs, sponsored by Servogear and Brunvoll Mar, will celebrate the best work, design innovation and achievements in the maritime industry that are paving the way for new developments. Seawork also welcomes ‘sister’ magazine Maritime Journal as co-host of the awards.

Six Innovation Showcase awards are on offer for the best of the Spirit of Innovation category entries, plus special recognition for the overall Spirit of Innovation winner, while the ECMAs include Maritime Professional of the Year, sponsored by G.G.T.C, the Maritime Sustainability Award, sponsored by Travelers and the Lifetime Achievement award.

Award winners will be presented with their trophies at an evening ceremony organised by Saltwater on Tuesday 13th June, in the Golden Arrow Restaurant, overlooking Mayflower Park’s Seawork Marina.

2016 winners
In 2016, the overall Showcase winner was Duodrive for its Duodrivetrain, a unique end-to-end performance engineering product designed for conventional shaft-driven boats below 28m in length. DuoDrive also took home the propulsion category title. Other category winners included Punk Couplings, Spirit of Innovations’ runner up and winner of the Marine Engineering award for its Punk Couplings torque product. The electronics category winner was CA Clase for the Lars Thrane LT-1000 Navigation Reference Unit, while Spinlock Ltd. took the Safety category title for the Spinlock Lume-On.

John Haynes, managing director of Shock Mitigation Solutions, was named as Maritime Professional of the Year, earning the judges’ vote with his dedication to improving people’s lives on boats and his work with over 100 organisations. 2016 also saw the introduction of the Travelers-sponsored Maritime Sustainability Award, which was presented to CWind for its ability to offer considerable fuel savings and continued focus on generating clean energy.

2017 entries
Maritime Journal took a closer look at this year’s entries to find out what is on offer for the commercial marine industry.

Featuring seven customisable and pre-defined modes of operation, the PRO-BUF-1 can be set up  and configured remotely. The device includes data buffering, primary to secondary data auto-switching and data combining modes. Electrical isolation is provided on every port to prevent ground loop damage to the PRO-BUF-1 or devices connected to it.
Stand: PY123

Atlantas Marine Ltd 
BREEZE HD is a high definition, plug and play ROV camera able to stream HD colour video from the ROV to the topside control panel over a single copper twisted pair. Compatible with almost all ROV systems, the compact size of the camera enables it to be mounted on both large and small vehicles.
Stand: SB75

Avon Rubber Plc 
Avon’s NH15 Combo comprises a carbon monoxide resistant CBRN air purifying escape hood and a filter which provides users with an extended level of respiratory protection for exiting a hazardous environment. Based on the NH15 CBRN hood, the product features activated carbon to give the wearer a wide range of gaseous protection. 
Stand: PY45

Barton Marine Equipment 
Barton Marine’s Block on a Strop functions as a portable lifting device. Designed from glass-filled nylon, it features an internal stainless steel strip with an attached webbing strop and a stainless steel becket at the base. It can be attached to a work belt or stored in a tool bag.
Stand: SB60

Barton Marine Equipment 
Barton Marine’s 316 stainless steel pulley snatch blocks with anodised aluminium sheaves are designed for moving or lifting loads securely. The marine grade industrial snatch blocks handle wire or lines from 8mm up to 32mm. Simple to load, no special rigging or stationary fixing is required.
Stand: SB60

Blueye Robotics 
Equipped with a HD camera, strong lights and powerful thrusters, Blueye Robotics’ underwater drone performs underwater inspections down to 150 meters without the need for divers or ROVs. Controlled from a smart device, the drone allows live video to be transferred through a thin cable to a buoy on the ocean surface.
Stand: D1

CANtronik Ltd 
The CANvu 500 has a hi-resolution 5-inch projected capacitive touch and customisable WVGA (800×480) PCAP LCD colour display, alongside swipe and touch functions. A Freescale i.MX 6 processor and graphics processor offer high performance graphics and video capabilities, while the software platform, based on Qt, allows rapid software development.
Stand: A95

Mobile filtration unit CARENECOLO comprises a water collecting tarpaulin with inflatable sides, used in treating water contaminated by anti-fouling paint. The unit enables water to be pumped at the bottom point of the tarpaulin and decontaminated of paint, fuel, grease, biocides, lead, TBT, copper, and other poisonous materials.
Stand: SB22

CEAN Sports 
CEAN XT4 SAR-COMM is a push-to-talk detachable and fully waterproof ear pad communication kit which connects to over 40 radio types. Its compact size mean it can be stored in pockets, while its  noise cancelling feature allows for clear uninterrupted communication in the commercial, military and rescue sectors. 
Stand: PB131

C-Quip Easy to deploy and throw in excess of 40 feet, the reuseable Throw Raft inflates automatically to keep water casualties afloat. It measures 11-inches by 4-inches and comes with a UV-resistant mounting case which is easy to attach to various surfaces. Highly visible, its minimum buoyancy is 20lbs.
Stand: PB71

Dry Harbour Concept Ltd
Nautipark Worktin Ships Cradle can be used in five positions cradling a leisure boat up to a 400 tonne ship. Worktins are versatile in that they can easily be moved by forklift and the detachable wheels allowing one employee to safely handle them.
Stand: SR20

Dynamic Load Monitoring Ltd 
The Subsea Data Logging Tensile Link measures tensile loads from five tonnes up to 200 tonnes on applications including subsea mooring lines and underwater deployments.  Fully sealed, pressure tested and featuring an internal data logger, it is capable of being deployed at a depth of up to 3000m for up to one year. 
Stand: PY141

Esco Power 
The Parallel Hybrid Transmission (PHT) is designed for heavy duty applications with diesel engines from 200HP to 1700HP, has a built-in 24VDC electro-magnetic clutch, SAE input housing and elastic coupling for direct connection to the engine housing and flywheel. It also boasts dual use as generator and as motor.
Stand: SB20

Garmin (Europe) Ltd 
The inReach SE+ and inReach Explorer+ feature satellite communication technology with pole to pole global coverage for two-way messaging and SOS alerting anywhere in the world. Both models include a built-in GPS for location tracking and basic navigation and the inReach Explorer+ adds TOPO maps, a compass and barometric altimeter. 
Stand: PG25

Gill Sensors & Control Ltd 
The Gill 7014 Blackwater sensor is designed to measure black and grey water in marine vessels and has a smooth, non-stick probe with no holes or moving parts. It will not clog, corrode or require cleaning. Unaffected by chemicals and cleaning agents, the sensor is available with four outputs.
Stand: PY21

HCL Fasteners 
Designed for use by divers, the lightweight HCL 1000 tool is made from long-life polymers. Boasting torque control, the HCL 1000 doesn't require specialised underwater welding and does not damage existing coating.  HCL’s Smart Band 32mm System is used to secure its special MGDuff anodes to the structure. 
Stand: PY137

Hercules Hydraulics Limited 
The hydraulic AMW350 Mooring Winch is both lightweight and heavy-duty, with an aluminium and stainless steel construction. Designed primarily for diving support vessels, it has a bare drum pull of four tonnes and can withstand six tonne snatch loads. Its maximum working pressure is 250Bar.
Stand number PY51

Jatronic AS 
Pressure Operated Actuator (POA) can be used as a release mechanism in Subsea application without using any wires, acoustic signals or electronics. The unit can be preprogramed to release depths between 10-100m.
Stand: SB52

Landau UK
Measuring 58cm and weighing 3kg, the Scubajet is a portable jet engine designed for equipment including paddle boards, canoes, dinghies and diving. It can be used for rescue operations, checking a workboat's prop or hull or for underwater missions. It also has a battery life of up to 1.5 hours.
Stand: Q5

Landau UK 
The Seabob Rescue is specifically designed for rescue operations at sea, on the coast and in standing or flowing inshore waters. Light and fully mobile, it can be carried by a single lifeguard and has a E-Jet Power System which cuts through tide and current.
Stand: Q5

Marfle Oy 
Marfle combines telematics monitoring system and modern AI approaches to offer a real-time analytical service with data visulization. Its early warning system and active analytics enable an easier maintenance process, while its location and direction tracking abilities can provide detailed statistics on engine usage. 
Stand: SB10

MICAD s.r.l MODCAT Project aims to create convenient to produce but highly customised workboat catamarans using thermoplastic composite materials. Its Modular Production System (MPS) uses component standardization to assemble different length catamarans with symmetrical hulls, regardless of model, boat size or brand, starting from a single set of modular moulds.
Stand: SB49

Navico Simrad 
The Simrad S5100 has three independent sonar channels which can deliver simultaneous split screen viewing coverage. It includes CHIRP technology for noise-free clarity at all depth ranges and incorporates wide angel transducer support so users can mix and match transducer coverage. It also transmits power for wide and narrow beam-widths.
Stand: PO27

Navico Simrad 
The Simrad S2009 is built for the commercial fishing market. Its fishfinder system features Simrad CHIRP technology which utilises frequency-swept sonar pulses to deliver advanced image clarity at all depth ranges, precise echo sounding detail, flexible frequency selections and adjustable ping speeds.  
Stand: PO27

Offshore Transfer Devices Ltd 
Created to stabilise, pin and grip the transfer position with clamp intensification through mechanical levers, the TDD minimises impact loads. A key feature of the system is the ability to alter the lateral position without disengagement, meaning a vessel can obtain excellent grip with a proportionally reduced amount of propulsion.
Stand: PB19

OscarLine makes solo recoveries in rough conditions possible by isolating the MOB’s weight from the rescuer. Constructed to fit comfortably inside a lifejacket, OscarLine is highly visible, lightweight and deploys automatically. Effective usage is not dependent on the rescuer’s physical attributes and minimum training is needed to operate it.
Stand: PY102

Proteum Ltd The Baudouin SCR system reduces exhaust pollutants through the Selective Catalyst Reduction solution (SCR) integrated in its design. A reducing agent (urea-water dilution) is used in combination with a catalyst to reduce the NOx emissions in a straightforward manner. The standard configurations allow a high flexibility in installation.
Stands: A55, VB06, VB07

Raymarine UK Ltd 
Raymarine Axiom Multifunction Display deliver lifelike imagery and superior underwater structure identification attributed to RealVision 3D. Axiom’s fast quad core processor delivers an intuitive navigation experience through a redesigned interface. The FLIR M100 & M200 are engineered with FLIR’s Boso high-performance thermal camera core, which features an integrated multi-core video processor.
Stand: Q32

BareFLEET is a fleet monitoring system with a built-in reporting feature that provides comprehensive information about fuel efficiency, weather conditions, engine health, vessel motion and crew welfare. For CTV’s, a log of each turbine tower transfer is provided with tower ID, time, heave and tower push on force. 
Stand: PB9

Sea Sure Ltd
Speedsix HydraPRO reduces friction between the hull of a boat and the water surface, supporting quicker acceleration, optimum speed, and better fuel economy. On average, 500ml covers 6m2. The product can be applied to any surface and the constituents provide an anti-corrosive protection and an anti-UV protection.
Stand: Q40

Sea Sure Ltd
Coach & Patrol Shock Mitigation System for RIBs incorporates a seat unit specifically designed to allow the occupant flexibility of movement whilst still being supported. Under the seat is a FOX Shock Mitigation unit which reduces shock loadings by up to 75% (10G down to 2.5G).
Stand: Q40

SM Group Ltd
Explosion proof work light NOVA-EX R provides up to 1500 lumen for use in hazardous areas. Waterproof and rechargeable, it has up to four hours of operation time and a shockproof body. It boasts a flexible stand and an integrated carrying handle which enables it to be transported easily.
Stand: A137

Spinlock Ltd 
The Pro-Tech is a heavy-duty polyester coated cover for Spinlock lifejackets which provides a resistant barrier for dirty industries where contaminants such as paint, oils and chemicals can quickly damage a lifejacket. The Pro-Tech is held in place with magnetic closures and Velcro.
Stand: PG147

Designed to withstand the harshest environments, the 1000 Series Tri-Approved Wind Energy Suit is waterproof, breathable and inherently flame retardant. Offering a made to measure option, the suit features durable elbow, seat and knee reinforcements and can be worn with various compatible harnesses for those working at height.

The Rope Access 3D 275N features an ergonomic 3D design which embraces the shape of the wearer and distributes the heavy-duty lifejacket’s weight. Benefits include airway protection, inflatable chin support, twin lifting points, a quick burst zip and soft pull tabs to prevent snagging and accidental inflation.
Stand: PO51

Tidal Anchors Ltd Tidal Anchor has been specifically designed for the safe and secure anchoring of marine craft in tidal waters. The twin rail design and fluke arrangement ensures immediate and accurate setting, with stability and high holding power in all directions…whichever way the anchor lands on the seabed. 
Stand: SB24

Torqeedo GmbH 
Torqeedo’s Cruise 10.0R, can offer top speeds of 34km per hour. Emission-free, it operates at 48 volts, with 12kW peak and 10kW continuous input power. The motor has built in power tilt and the shaft is hydro-dynamically optimised.
Stand: PO63

Vanclaes Fifthwheel boat trailer can handle boats up to 4.3 tonnes. The trailer enables users to launch and retrieve a boat themselves on a regular slipway. Featuring an electric brake system, it has full European Type Approval.
Stand: A1

Visit the Seawork Innovation Showcase stand in Pacific Green Hall.

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