SensorLife technology for Kongsberg WFMS

Fri, 03 October 2014

UK-based Ricardo is to support the development of Kongsberg’s Wind Farm Management System (WFMS) with its recently launched SensorLife technology.

The Kongsberg WFMS is a turbine independent decision support system, which the company says surpasses the functionality found in windfarm supervision control and data acquisition systems.

“Ricardo provides an innovative approach to some of the key challenges in condition monitoring. Combining its expertise and our own advanced methods and algorithms will lift our Wind Farm Management System to a completely new level, providing energy and cost savings for the client,” said Kristian Holm, general manager of wind, Kongsberg.

A spokesperson for Ricardo told Maritime Journal: “The Acoustic Emission sensors will allow more advanced warning of gearbox issues, through the detection of subsurface crack propagation. In the future, we also anticipate SensorLife enabling the prediction of remaining useful life of key components in the drivetrain such as the bearings.”

A key part of the agreement between the two companies will be looking at the potential integration of the new Ricardo SensorLife technology into Kongsberg’s WFMS. Ricardo says this could result in significant reductions in the cost of energy of windfarms, as a result of more accurate prediction of the remaining useful life of key components and the consequential ability to reduce cost through proactive maintenance.

In addition to the framework agreement, Kongsberg has contracted Ricardo to further prove the SensorLife technology, including sensor testing and the development of feature extraction techniques.

Ricardo’s’ advanced condition monitoring enabler, SensorLife, is part of a suite of technologies.


Source: Rachael Doyle,

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