Shipbuilding and Ship Repair course

Mon, 25 January 2016

The Maritime Training Academy Diploma in Shipbuilding & Ship Repair is a unique online course aimed at those wanting a Superintendent's role; a position within a yard or to learn more about these roles. Ideal for experienced professionals wishing to update their knowledge or individuals approaching this subject for the first time.

This Diploma is now supported by The Shipbuilders & Shiprepairers Association (SSA)

Why this Course?

•   Flexible distance learning allows students to study anywhere in the world
•   We offer excellent support and guidance. Our experienced authors and tutors are practising
    professionals who provide outstanding teaching as a result of extensive research and close links
    with the surveying industry.
•   This course can be used as part of an application for Accredited Prior Learning with
    Portsmouth University

What will I learn?

•   Broaden your knowledge and understanding of Shipbuilding & Ship Repair
•   Students will gain the essential skills and knowledge required to
    successfully run and manage the building and repair process

•   Engage in subjects such as the docking process; specifications and docking       incidents and accidents; alongside essential topics such as an introduction to     the shipbuilding and ship repair industry; contracts and project management

For more information on the Diploma in Shipbuilding and Ship Repair please contact Laura Sheriff on:

TEL        Tel: +44(0) 191 567 8965

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