Silver plated performance

Mon, 08 December 2014

Shakespeare Marine has released its Phase III silver plating to the commercial market. Formerly the silver plating was reserved for Shakepeare’s top range leisure marine antennas known as the ’Top Performer’ range.

Shakespeare Marine claims to be the world’s No. 1 producer of Leisure Marine antennas along with a history of supplying the US military with all its antenna needs. Having its own manufacturing facilities in the USA, Asia and the UK, the brand is known for its durability, quality and outstanding performance. The good news for commercial vessel operators and builders is that Shakespeare are now looking to transfer all that history to the commercial sector.

The extra conductivity of silver connectors provides extra performance and distance when needed for critical communications and a cable free base allows for ease of installation. The Radome tube on these aerials is thickened for durability and coated with UV resistant polyurethane, along with all stainless steel fixings.

By Jake Frith




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