South Boats Iow Deliver Seacat Courageous Second Of Class 26m Handed Over To Seacat Services

Mon, 13 April 2015

10TH April 2015, Cowes – South Boats IOW Ltd., the UK’s foremost manufacturer of state of the art Wind Farm Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs), has delivered its second of class South Cat 26m, ‘Seacat Courageous’ to Seacat Services Ltd., also of Cowes, Isle of Wight.

With the first of class, ‘Seacat Intrepid’, currently working in the German North Sea, the qualities and capabilities of the vessel design have been very apparent.  Passenger comfort levels, sea-keeping and turbine access performance have correlated well with the extensive hull research and development programme carried out over a number of years to increase working capabilities.

Both ‘Seacat Intrepid’ and ‘Seacat Courageous’ remain fully operational with parameters under 3 degrees of pitch (RMS), 4 degrees of roll (RMS) and 0.15g vertical accelerations (RMS) at the LCG - generally regarded as the limiting factors for sea-sickness. The vessels maintain an average speed of 24.5kts in 1mHs, 18kts in 2mHs and 14kts in 3mHs without any complicated and expensive ride control systems. 

These are class-leading statistics when compared to competitor’s vessels and the European build ensures both excellent levels of support in service and renowned British quality and engineering.

‘Seacat Courageous’ is currently contracted to a UK project before it attends the Seawork International exhibition and conference at Southampton on June 16th-18th, where the vessel will be available for viewing, along with representatives from both South Boats IOW and Seacat Services.

Ben Colman of South Boats IOW Ltd: “We are very proud to have handed ‘Seacat Courageous’ over to Seacat Services Ltd. and wish the vessel well on her current and future projects.  Thanks to the comprehensive hull form development testing and understanding, we have produced another vessel that sets a benchmark for the offshore wind CTV sector, with the capability of also being used for many other applications.”

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