Space saving jet coupling

Mon, 13 April 2015

UK driveline coupling specialist NDE Clarke Pitchline has launched a new water jet coupling designed to connect a large range of engines or gearboxes to water jets in a small space envelope.

Along with a very high torque capacity, the new Marinflex coupling features unique telescopic Crownspline technology which offers axial movement and angular misalignment to compensate for engine and jet misalignment on installation, movements in rough conditions and allows for simpler installation.

NDE Clarke Pitchline has 41 years of experience in manufacturing, servicing and repairing UJ and CV driveshafts and couplings for the marine sector and the Marinflex short installation coupling adds another option to their range.

Originally developed for a leading military rib and workboat builder, the Coventry based company have been increasingly asked by other boat and rib builders for ever more compact coupling arrangements to maximise space below deck or enable them to offer smaller water jet equipped vessels in their range. Another issue faced by their customers was the problem of irregular or mismatched engine or water jet flanges. This new close-couple solution was specially designed to meet these requirements.

The Marinflex coupling is comprised of crownsplined hubs and sleeves with cartridge seals and DIN or SAE standard flanges. The coupling is dynamically balanced and can be offered with a range of coatings to prevent corrosion and improve working life. Installation and removal of the coupling can easily be achieved due to the axial travel offered by the telescopic spline.

NDE Clarke Pitchline’s Technical Sales Manager Ivan Luton said “Given the correct application factors, the Marinflex Coupling offers boat builders, retrofitters and engine packagers the opportunity to minimise the propulsion package footprint whilst allowing for some misalignment and axial travel which a lot of other close couple solutions on the market do not do. Where we are unable to offer our UJ driveshafts or CV driveshafts, this new solution gives our marine customers another option. We have been delighted with the response to this coupling from our marine customers and look forward to showcasing the new coupling at this year’s Seawork exhibition.”

Source:  Jake Frith



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