Static Electricity Hazardous in Handling Flammable Liquids

Fri, 13 November 2015

While manufacturers of hazardous liquid product or ones who use such chemicals in their plants are highly sensitive to the dangers in handling those products, the maritime industry confronts many of these same challenges but generally does not have the same level of awareness.  There have been incidents involving flammable liquids which resulted in serious or catastrophic injury or loss. In one such incident, an employee was filling a pail with flammable solvent from a nozzle. As liquid poured into the pail, static was generated but was not safely dissipated because the pail was not grounded but hanging by its non-conductive plastic handle. When an employee attempted to remove the pail, a static charge jumped between the employee and the pail.  The resulting spark ignited the vapor being given off by the solvent and an explosion and serious fire resulted causing the death of the employee.  Workers in shipyards, boat repair facilities, and marinas handle such hazardous liquids on a daily basis and often are unaware of the dangers of static electricity.  Owners and operators of such facilities should have training in place to inform and protect their employees who handle hazardous liquids.  MYMIC Global, a member of SSA, offers a Flammable Liquids and Static Electricity Training package affordably available via the web or downloadable to local computers.  This game-based, 3D immersive training provides the learner with an understanding of flammable liquids, sources of ignition, and static electricity hazards in the workplace. It offers maritime companies a unique and engaging learner experience with interactive assessments that ensure retention and help organizations cultivate an intuitive safety culture.  The advantages of this approach include:  reducing accidents, preventing injury to facility staff, and potentially saving lives. Using compelling and interactive training improves retention.  Its game-based user experience also appeals to diverse learning groups and demographics, especially younger workers and will support customization to account for company-specific policies and compliance with state regulatory requirements.  For more information see or contact MYMIC Global Managing Director, Dr. Tom Mastaglio,,  +1 353 87 791 1169/+1 353 66 946 0100.

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