Survitec liferaft servicing

Mon, 20 April 2015

Survitec Group's extensive network of UK service stations is now responsible directly for the distribution, servicing and repair of all Survitec Zodiac liferafts and boats in the UK.

By dealing directly with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Survitec said its customers can benefit from improved service levels, competitive pricing and better value for money.

Mark Hart, Survitec, said: "What better way to ensure critical safety equipment is maintained to the highest possible standards than for customers to deal directly with us. They can also take advantage of our wide network of service stations, both in this country and overseas."

All Survitec service stations undergo a rigorous approval process that assesses everything from the size of the building to the maintenance of its temperature-controlled environments.

Survitec's global distribution network covers all major ports. Alongside the 53 wholly owned service stations, the network includes over 600 accredited independent service stations.

Source: Anne-Marie Causer

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