Tender for fire-fighting marine vessel with 3 independent operational modes.

Mon, 30 January 2017

A fire department needs 1 fire-fighting vessel to be available within 22 months after the contract date.

Vessel requirements:

- structure material: marine aluminium alloy

- speed: not less than 35 knots

- length: between 33 metres and 35 metres

- breadth: must not exceed 12 metres (fenders excluded)

- propulsion system: 4 waterjet units driven by 4 marine diesel engines; 2 external fire pumps (each 8000 litres per minute)

Independent operational modes needed:

- transportation, training and fire-fighting mode

- chemical biological radioactive nuclear (CBRN) administrative support mode

- rescue at sea mode

The tender requires 5 copies of design and construction specifications and drawings.

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Expiry date:

31 January 2017

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