Transport for NSW geophysical investigations services for Sydney Harbour

Mon, 27 October 2014

Transport for NSW is inviting experienced organisations to respond to its tender to undertake geophysical investigation services within Sydney Harbour in preparation for the Sydney Rapid Transit project

The service provider is required to undertake geophysical investigations comprising echo sounding and seismic reflection, refraction and magnetometer surveys in three areas of Sydney Harbour and to produce a total of two geophysical interpretative reports.

The service provider is responsible for the provision of geophysical investigations, testing and reporting. The aim of the investigation is to assess the geotechnical conditions including interpretation of sea bed profile, the underlying soil / rock profile and generalised soil / rock unit characteristics.

Marine geophysical investigations are required to provide a general characterisation along the proposed route of the Sydney Rapid Transit may cross below Sydney Harbour. It is anticipated that the harbour consists of potentially deep palaeo-valleys that were filled with sediments. Information for this area is required to assess the geotechnical constraints which would have a major impact on alignment, design and construction methods.

The specific objective of the geophysical investigation is to provide information on the water depth, sediment thickness, and depth to the top of rock and the quality and strength of rock within the corridor as specified in the Services Brief to allow an assessment of issues for tunnelling.

Opportunity Type: Major Projects

Deadline: 03/11/2014

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