Underwater cavitation cleaning technology

Mon, 04 April 2016

The Cavitcleaner System is a new innovative underwater cavitation cleaning technology that has been developed by divers, for divers.

It has been developed following years of research which was focused on finding a new world of underwater cleaning products to satisfy a growing demand for the maintenance of underwater structures.

The Cavitcleaner is unique as it performs by a stream of implosive microscopic air bubbles dislodging fouling and other biological material through an intense shock-wave.

It works rapidly and at relatively low pressure, this is so the surface is not harmed when being cleaned.

Cavitcleaner machines are designed to be used both in sea and fresh water, with no need of any chemical additive.

It does not remove the anti-fouling paint; this is in line with the company’s aim to make all of its products environmentally friendly.

Cavitcleaner products are CE-marked, TUV has certified that the methods used with the support of the cavitation cleaning system meet the ISO14000 environmental standards.

Source: Alice Mason;

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