Varipower hybrid generator system

Mon, 21 November 2016

A new generator introduced by UK-based VariPower is designed to bring new levels of efficiency to power generation. This new unit uses a variable speed DC generator which can be combined with a battery pack to produce a full hybrid power generation system.

The new generator comes in two sizes 10 and 20 kW, and they can be combined with an acoustic box for silent operation.

Unlike traditional generators which only run at one speed whatever the load demands, the variable speed generator developed by VariPower is flexible and can run at any speed between 900 and 2000 rpm whilst still maintaining the correct voltage. In this way it produces just enough power for the load it has to meet and even then if there is any excess it can be diverted to charge the batteries  without any waste.

When demands are low the generator will run at just 900 rpm, providing enough power for the load very quietly and using less fuel. For times when a higher load is demanded the generator can move up in speed to anything up to 2000rpm delivering higher amounts of power, quickly and efficiently.

With the battery bank incorporated into the system each unit acts as an energy storage system so at times of very low demand, or when completely silent power is required the batteries alone can run the load and the generator doesn’t need to start at all. The built in intelligence of the system means the VariPower provides power in the most efficient way possible, with this functionality, users can operate in the same way as a grid connection, no manual intervention is required.

The generator is much quieter when running at lower levels such as 900 rpm reducing noise considerably. Because the generator is only running at the level needed it only uses the fuel needed for that power demand, so there is no waste and costs are significantly reduced. Also the operating scenario means that the unit will not get to its service points as quickly as a normal generator which is claimed to reduce the overall maintenance and service costs.

The 10 kW generator is based on a Northern Lights three cylinder diesel engine that meets all current emission standards. The generator part of the unit is mounted directly onto the crankshaft thus reducing the overall size which VariPower claim can be around half the space requirements of a normal generator unit. When AC power is required on board VariPower can incorporate an inverter into the system.

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