Versadock Performance System

Mon, 19 October 2015

UK company Versadock has developed a modular pontoon system that has a wide variety of applications as both portable and permanent piers, bridges and boat docks which are in use around the World.

Now the company has developed what they call their Performance System, which is a boat decking system that allows boats up to 26 tonnes in weight to be docked or stored out of the water with the minimum of effort and facilities.

Dry-docking systems for smaller boats have been part of the Versadock repertoire for some time. Here the boat is hauled out of the water onto the modular pontoon structure so that it is kept high and dry, and clear of marine fouling. This system works for smaller boats but with larger, heavier craft the weight of the boat tends to sink the pontoon so that the boat still remains partially afloat. With the Performance System there are inflatable tubes attached to the underside of the pontoon in the way of the slipway for the boats and it is these inflatable tubes that can provide the additional buoyancy required to lift the boat and the pontoon section so that it remains level once the boat is clear of the water.

In operation the section of the pontoon on which the boat lands is fitted with V-Float pontoons that creates a groove into which the boat is hauled up onto the pontoon. A winch attached to the pontoon does the hauling out and this can be hand operated or powered. As the larger boat comes out of the water, the tubes are inflated and this lifts the pontoon up into it original level shape and in this situation the boat is high and dry and level so that it can be safely stored clear of the water and be readily available for any maintenance to the hull or propulsion system. For launching the inflatable tubes are simply deflated and the pontoon sinks so that the boat can be launched down the slipway that is created.

These versatile pontoons are used for a wide variety of applications by military and para-military authorities as a base for smaller patrols boats where they are readily available for emergency launching. They could also provide a temporary dock for boats used by contractors working on remote sites where there are not readily available docking areas and the Performance System can handle a wide variety of craft from slow displacement hulls to fast RIBs and other craft up to the weight limit of 26 tonnes.

Source: Dag Pike;

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