Hybrid Marine Power & Propulsion Workshop – Southampton – 13 & 14 May 2015

Mon, 13 April 2015

SSA member Shock Mitigation is bringing together a group of experts armed with the latest knowledge that will assist the sub IMO professional sector to understand the possibilities of utilising hybrid power and storage systems. The aim is to identify the potential of hybrid systems for specific sectors, starting with diesel / electric for wind farm support vessels, pilot boats, patrol craft, survey vessels and unmanned craft.

The two day workshop, at the Grand Harbour Hotel Southampton, on 13th & 14th May is designed to bring together a significant group including end-user organisations, boat owners & operators, boat builders, engine manufacturers, mechanical & electrical engineers, naval architects and maritime legislators.

For engine manufacturers, component suppliers and installers the take away knowledge from this workshop will be relevant to various departments including strategic product development, engineering and business development. Besides highlighting imminent opportunities, the objective will be to create affiliations that share engine data, battery capabilities and work cycles for vessels.

John Haynes, Managing Director of Shock Mitigation, said, "The capabilities and expertise already exist in separate companies. Changes are coming fast and due to the range of technologies required it is unlikely that any one manufacturer will provide a complete system. For end user organisations, including owners and operators, the knowledge gained from these workshop sessions will help to shape decisions that lead to procurement of next generation vessels and improvements to in-service systems."

Hybrid Power & Propulsion Systems for Workboats

In 2015 two significant developments are going to make many operators, owners and builders of professional vessels consider hybrid marine power. Firstly the new emissions laws in ports and secondly there is now an incentive for high technology manufacturers to invest in developing highly efficient batteries.

Dramatically reducing pollution in both water and air, particularly in ports and around people, is a significant driver for change in the maritime sector. Emissions from fossil fuels come at a price and professional mariners know the legislation relating to marine pollution plus the financial implications of getting it wrong. 

The maritime sector tends to avoid changes until it has to, but the ocean going shipping community could not ignore the emissions regulations that came into force on 1st January 2015. Innovative energy solutions may have been ignored in the sub IMO (sub 24 metre) workboat sector if they are only viewed negatively as part of a complicated and costly compliance process.

Lead sponsor of the ‘Hybrid’ event is lithium ion battery manufacturer XALT Energy, who will deliver the latest expertise on developing high-energy, high-power solutions and effective battery management systems.

Shock Mitigation workshops are based on building networks and accelerating knowledge transfer for the sub IMO / sub 24 metre professional sector

If you are interested in attending or supporting the Hybrid Marine Power & Propulsion Workshop contact:-

Julie Arthur +44 (0)7449 000228

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