Launching of the New GREENBLAST Website

Mon, 09 March 2015

The GREENBLAST project is now heading towards final market uptake with the project funding finishing in September 2015.

The project has generated significant market interest and as a result a new and improved website has been produced to capture these changes.

The project has developed a supply chain for using Recycled Glass as a blasting media from source to final use, preventing waste from going to landfill.  The supply chain has been used to develop an interactive online supply chain to assist new companies in joining the GREENBLAST process.

Shipyards have taken up the use of Recycled Glass as an alternative blasting media, replacing the old process of using copper slag which is high in heavy metals, the used blasting media is then collected and sent to a concrete processing facility where it is sorted ready for mixing into either concrete or an aggregate.

Any companies wanting to find out more information or would like to get involved in the GREENBLAST project please contact Dr Martyn Lightfoot at SSA (

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