Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) – Safety Passport Programme for Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Industry

Fri, 21 August 2015

Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) was set up in 1999 in response to a request from the UK Petrol Industry Association (UKPIA) to create a set of common health and safety standards for all contractors who are working on petrol station forecourts.

SPA in conjunction with the petrol industry created a safety passport scheme designed around a 2 day training course for Contractors. Day 1 is a generic introduction to health and safety for all (SPA Core) day followed by a one day Petrol retail (Sector specific) course.

Since the introduction of the Petrol Retail scheme, SPA have developed and run successful passport schemes in Live Events, Food & Drink and Mineral Products (Quarry). 

The courses are delivered by independent training providers and on completion of the course the delegate details are uploaded to SPA. In turn SPA issues a ‘credit card passport’ which the contractor must produce to work within the respective industry. Each passport has photographic identity along with a unique identification number for security.

There is a 3 year life to the passports and each industry has an agreed refresher course at a 3 yearly interval. 

SPA is keen to develop a safety passport scheme within the shipbuilding and ship repair industry and are keen to talk to interested stakeholders to help us put this together. The objective is create a minimum safety standard for the industry. This may include contractors, agency workers or employees.

If this is something your organisation is interested in or you would like to find out more about safety passport schemes, please contact Andy Bolton on 01926 817450 or

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