SEA Europe Technical Committee meeting and (EMSA) Workshop

Mon, 16 March 2015

SSA attended the SEA Europe Technical Committee meeting and European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) Workshop on 12 & 13 March 2015

The Technical Committee discussed the following topics:

·         Report on the SCF Cross Industry WG

·         Report on SDC 2 results

·         Status of CG and JWG

·         SEA Europe position on Fitness Check of the Passenger Ship Safety legislation (REFIT)

·         Preparation of SSE 2

·         Preparation of MEPC 68 / SEA Europe position on Ballast Water Management

·         Preparation of MSC 95


The EMSA workshop covered the following topics to gather expert industry knowledge for their meeting with IMO:


Session I              Passenger Ship Safety

Industry perspective on Damage Stability and Required Index

EMSA introducing the following topics:

·         Sprinkler head failures (MSC 94/20/2) and related testing requirements (MSC.1/Circ.1493)

·         Failures of ro-ro ferry car deck drencher systems (FSI 21/5, Par. 57)


Session II             Marine Equipment, Materials and Testing

Regulation (EC) 391/2009 update, Mutual recognition of certificates

EMSA information and questions on:

·         Industry perspective of Mutual Recognition of Classification Certificates

Innovative materials and equipment for ship safety and environmental protection

“FRP and Passive Fire Protection”

EMSA (briefly) introducing the following topics:

·         SOLAS II-1 Reg. 11 – Testing of Watertight Compartments

·         Setting quality management standard requirements for newbuilding and repair yards


Session III            Interrelation of Safety and Environmental Issues

IGF Code Adoption and Phase 2

Implementation of Environmental Requirements

“HFO use on Sea Trials”

EMSA introducing the following topics:

·         Control of asbestos in shipping (both in new building and ships in service)

·         Ship Recycling (Inventory of hazardous materials)

For additional information about the Sea Europe Technical Committee and EMSA please contact Dr Martyn Lightfoot ( at SSA

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