Triple ferry refit for DuroWipers

Tue, 29 March 2016

DuroWipers has secured one of its largest orders to date to fit three cross Channel ferries from award-winning ferry operator, DFDS, with 45 maintenance free External DuroWipers Pantographs.

The project took a team from DuroWipers four days to complete each vessel during their annual maintenance in Dunkirk.

 Tony Pollard, superintendent at DFDS, said that the Dover-Dunkirk vessels work around the clock with approximately 45 minutes in port so the annual maintenance is the only time the wipers can be replaced.

“This means that we need to use robust products that are durable, well engineered and require little or no maintenance,” he said.

He explained that DuroWipers was selected to fulfil the order because of the reliability of the product. The new wipers also come with a three year warranty.

 “Being UK based, DuroWipers can also respond quickly should we require replacement wipers or repair work.”

In so far as Mr Pollard’s business unit is concerned it’s DFDS’s first order with DuroWipers.

He added that the new wipers are well matched to the requirements of the vessel.

“The units are suited for the ships because they will withstand the marine environment and continual usage. Also any maintenance or replacements are easy due to the pod design.”

Noel Gould of DuroWipers, said: “This is an important contract to highlight the performance and durability of our products across the whole marine market.”

DuroWipers is responsible for the market leading window wipers specified on the RNLI Shannon Class lifeboats.

They have fully installed DuroWiper Pantographs which have a patented rotary transfer box to give a remarkable smooth, powerful and reliable performance. This is complimented by the extensive use of AISI 316 Stainless Steel, renowned for its durability and anti-corrosive qualities.

DuroWipers offers extended and lifetime warranties to both the RNLI and the Royal Navy.

For the Royal Navy, DuroWipers has retrofitted three RFA Vessels over the past five years - the Fort Rosalie, the Fort Austin and the Diligence.

And it’s not just the RNLI and the Royal Navy that have benefitted from DuroWipers expertise.

Last year, Norwegian operator Umoe Mandal, purchased six External Panorama Pantograph heavy duty windscreen wipers to equip a newbuild Surface Effect Ship (SES).

DuroWipers designs, develops and manufactures all of its wipers at its factory in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, UK.

For more information about Durowipers, please contact:

DuroWipers Ltd
Unit 20 Oldends Lane Industrial Estate
Gloucestershire GL10 3RQ
T: +44(0) 844 8541 551

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