Young Tetbury Based Company Wins Double International Award for Innovation for its Environmentally Friendly Oil Filtration System

Wed, 16 July 2014

MarShip UK locally owned marine engineering company picked up 2 awards at the SeaWorks International Exhibition in Southampton 10th – 12th June. Winning Best in Category (Marine Engineering) and the main award ‘Spirit of Innovation’ for its EDI system which effectively extends the life of oil meaning less waste which benefits the consumer and the environment.

The Award Summary

'Spirit of Innovation' is a hotly contested trophy for Seawork exhibitors who, in the past 12 months, have introduced and promoted products, vessels, services or projects to their key commercial audience. The Showcase is judged in 6 main entries with a Certificate of Commendation awarded to the winner of each. To qualify, all entries must have come to market in the previous 12 months and provide a valuable insight into the latest in design, technology and applications. These categories are:

 Vessel Design & Construction

 Marine Engineering & Construction (MarShip UK Winners)

 Marine Equipment, Electronics & Materials

 Diving & Underwater Technology

 Renewable Energy

 Safety & Training


The overall winner is awarded the 'Seawork Spirit of Innovation', a trophy sculpted by John Mellows, Azure Dragon Design.

About MarShip UK

Set up 4 years ago by Peter Weide and developed into a limited company 3 years ago. Based in Tetbury Gloucestershire. Specialise in cleaning the essential fluids used by the engine: Oil, Fuel & Air. Currently employing 1 other person and now looking to grow. Customers include Carnival Cruise Lines, international shipping companies and small owner/ operator vessels such as workboats & leisure boats.

About EDI (Extended Drain Interval)

The EDI Lube Oil Purifier was specifically developed to extend oil life in engines or closed lubrication systems such as Hydraulic systems, gearboxes, Thrusters, Azimuths, stern tubes etc. Removing all water and acid including

diesel fuel dilution. Through a clear two stage process of filtration and evaporation, the EDI cleans oil to better than NAS 3-4 (New Oil is typically 6-8) by removing contaminants and maintaining oil to below 1 micron.

Diesel Engines - Connected as a bypass to the lube oil system the unit effectively increases oil drain periods by up to 4 times by ensuring oil is cleaned to 1 micron and evaporating gasses such as sulphur dioxide and trioxide that lead to a reduction in TBN. Any residual acids are combined with and held by the cotton filter. It will maintain the oil in “as new” condition easily extending oil drain periods by many hours and usually gives a return on investment in 6 months.

Closed circuit oil systems- (Hydraulic systems, Gearbox, stern tubes, thrusters, Azimuths, etc). Connected directly to the system through a pressure reducing valve whilst the machinery is operating ensures contaminants are treated immediately.

About Seaworks

Seawork International is the largest and fastest growing commercial marine and workboat event to be held in a European working port. With the focus clearly on applications and solving problems. Now in its 17th successful year, Seawork attracts over 520 exhibitors and 7327 visitors from all over the world. Seawork takes place in a single-storey venue which converts to a top grade facility of international standard.

Contact Details

Roxzanne Fox-Roberts / Peter Weide

MarShip UK Alderton 1 Priory Park Goucestershire GL8 8HZ

T: 0845 287 1546 E: W:

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