Tue, 05 April 2016

Electrical safety is of concern in most environments in which we live and work because of the potential harm and even deaths it can cause if misused.  In maritime environments with the nearness to water and frequent presence of other hazardous materials, such as fuels and flammable chemicals, it is paramount that our employees and customers at sites such as marinas are not exposed to electrical hazards and are informed about those hazards so they can be alert for problems.

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Fri, 05 February 2016

There is probably no more hazardous an area at on-shore maritime facilities such as boatyards, repair facilities and marinas than that around lifts and slings.  While these areas do not necessarily have the potential for catastrophic incidents such as those where petroleum products are used (fueling or engine maintenance) or hazardous and explosive materials stored or employed, they are an area to which managers and owners of facilities using slings and lifts need to attend.  An average of 26 employees on construction sites die each year from improper use of aerial slings.  While similar statistics for marine facilities are not available there are equivalent dangers in our port, boat/shipyard and marina facilities.  While death is always a concern, more often failure to properly use this type of equipment or neglecting to follow proper procedures can result in significant personal injuries.  While litigation is always a concern, lost time and the potential disability of a valued employee can have significant business implications.

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Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) pass 20,000 Petrol Retail Contractor Passports

Thu, 22 October 2015

Safety Passport Alliance (SPA) achieve another milestone by passing the 20,000 marker for Contractors now using the SPA Petrol Retail Passport scheme. The Southam based organisation are one of the Country’s leading providers of Safety Passport programmes and work with a wide variety of industries both UK and abroad.

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Safety Pass Alliance - SPA – Safety Passport Programme

Tue, 15 September 2015

With many companies requiring evidence that visiting workers and contractors have been trained in health & safety, more and more industries are introducing safety passport schemes. 

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