The HERCULES-2 is the next phase of the R&D programme HERCULES on large engine technologies. The project HERCULES-2 is targeting at a fuel flexible large marine engine, optimally adaptive to its operating environment. Of all ships worldwide, 99% are powered by diesel engines ranging from 1.000 kW to 85.000 kW. Engine design and development is a multi-disciplinary activity involving thermo-fluids, combustion, mechanics, materials, dynamics and control. The main issues in marine diesel engine design and operation have always been Reliability, Fuel economy and (since 2000) Emissions. With the ongoing R&D efforts, the issue of emissions will be mitigated in the coming years, with combinations of exhaust gas after-treatment, advanced combustion techniques, new fuels and control systems. Improved engine performance, operational optimisation, health monitoring and adaptive control over the lifetime of the power plant, are further R&D issues to ensure lifelong reliability and economy.


The objectives of the HERCULES-2 project are associated to 4 areas of engine integrated R&D:

· Improving fuel flexibility

· Formulating new materials to support high temperature applications

· Developing adaptive control methodologies to retain Lifetime power plant performance

· Achieving near-zero emissions


Contact Information

Project Co-ordinator: Prof. Nikolaos P. Kyrtatos, National Technical University of Athens

Email: npk@uleme.com

Website: www.hercules-2.com


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