What is SMARTYards?

SMARTYards is a R&D project, funded by the European Commission, which started in October 2013 with 17 partners from nine European countries. The project is developing smart technologies in seven key technology areas:

·         Design methods and tools

·         Production preparation and planning

·         Accuracy control and shaping

·         Welding and assembly

·         Coating materials and processes

·         Outfitting and ship maintenance, repair and conversion techniques

·         Innovative materials and their assembly


The focus of the project is on the efficiency and productivity of ship design and shipbuilding pro-cesses by low cost flexible automation and mechanisation. The best solutions from these areas will be provided to the SMARTYards – Network, documented in a technology catalogue and demonstrated by prototypes for selected smart technology solutions.

The SMARTYards Network was established following direct consultations with many small shipyards over the last years. It is aiming to directly bring benefits to small and medium sized enterprises by making them aware about "low hanging fruits" which will help to improve their competitive situation.

In order to maintain and further develop this network for the benefit of European industry, we need your support to achieve a critical mass of supporters. Only if we can show support by a sufficient number of target companies, we will get the necessary support from policy makers, European, national and regional administration as well as larger shipyards and technology providers.

We would therefore be very pleased if you would join and support the SMARTYards Network - for your own benefit and for the benefit of our Community.


What will be your benefits as member of the SMARTYards - Network?

·         Links to and regular exchange of experiences with colleagues from shipyards, design offices, service providers, manufacturing equipment suppliers and technology developers

·         Getting detailed information of new smart technologies at work for ship design and shipbuild-ing processes

·         Free participation at regional and national organised technology workshops, using the recent results of the SMARTYards project

·         Easy access to future innovation funding opportunities on regional, national and European level


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