The objective of BESST is to achieve a breakthrough in competitiveness, environmentally friendliness and safety of EU built ships.  Focusing on passenger ships, ferries and mega yachts the results of which will be applicable to other ships.  The project will produce an holistic life cycle performance assessment on ship level which will guide the technical developments on a system level.  The results will be integrated into virtual show cases demonstrating the technical solutions as well as the life cycle impact compared to current designs.

SSA will be working with the EUROYARDS European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) comprising the leading European shipbuilders of STX Europe, Fincantieri, Meyer Werft, ThyssenKrupp and Damen.
In total the project consisted of 65 partners covering shipbuilders, ship operators, ship instrument manufacturers, software and system integration companies, classification bodies, research institutes, ports, and trade associations, with a total EU funding of €17.4 million.
SSA’s main role in the project being the provision of feedback on the cost of repair and refitting into the development of the life cycle cost model as well as providing information on how design factors can influence costs.

The key areas of technical developments include:
·         Space Optimisation and Easy Maintenance
·         Improving Payload to Gross Tonnage ration
·         Cost efficient Building and Refurbishment
·         Improved energy Efficiency and reduced Emissions
·         Minimisation of Noise and Vibration
·         Improved Reliability through model based Design and Condition Monitoring
·         Optimisation of Logistic Chains
·         Improving Safety and Security

Additional information about the project can be found by visiting either the SSA website or the projects website


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