The objective of CNSS is to promote the development of efficient and effective logistic solutions for the maritime transport sector and steps to meet the demands of sustainability covering topics such as Policy & Strategy development, Clean Shipping Technology and Reduction & Handling of Emissions.

SSA will be working with research groups and cities around the North Sea Region, Hamburg, DCMR Environmental Protection Agency, MARIKO, Bergen, Lubeck and Port of Gothenburg, in total the project consists of 18 partners with a total EU funding of €2.05 million.
SSA’s main role in the project being to collect information about the policy and strategy development with the North Sea Region that influences Clean Shipping.  This work involves creating a baseline of knowledge covering new ideas and future trends in reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases along with reviewing strategies such as the Environmental Ship Index, Clean Shipping Criteria, Harbour Incentive Systems and forthcoming directives from the EU and IMO.

Once the information has been collected about the policy and strategies within the North Sea Region some best practice examples need to be developed showing ship-port-city interactions to create a definition of the baseline and challenges for the project.
Additional information about the project can be found by visiting either the SSA website or the projects website




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