SSA will be working alongside 11 partners from across Europe with 5 key European Universities Glasgow & Strathclyde, Gdansk, Newcastle and Lisbon along with the UK Welding Institute (TWI), with a total EU funding of €3.2 million.

SSA’s main role in the project is to work with the ship repair industry to collect information about the through life maintenance of ships and to act as an independent reviewer of the RISPECT software.

The RISPECT software is module based and consists of 24 databases and 8 programs which can be used to carry out the following actions:
1. Hydro-structural static/dynamic calculations
2. Local structure and crack calculations
3. Coating and corrosion breakdown
4. Global structural strength calculations
5. Component reliability calculations
6. System reliability calculations
7. Risk calculations
8. Strength & fatigue checks
Additional information about the project can be found by visiting either the SSA website or the projects website www.rispect.org.uk


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