Marine Industries Leadership Council

The Marine Industries Leadership Council has aligned Government, companies and trade associations to enable the effective dialogue that is essential for a successful strategy for growth.


Strategic change delivery plan

The delivery plan identifies six themes for implementing the strategy.
The Marine Industries Leadership Council will oversee the delivery of the themes. These cut across all of the sectors, integrating actions and enabling coordinated assessment of progress. They will be delivered bay the Working Groups, against objectives and the measures of success defined in this section.

Each Working Group is resourced by volunteers, taking coordinated actions to deliver the objectives. Working Group chairs coordinate their action by participation in other relevant groups, and through the Council.


Theme 1.

Development of a unified voice and supporting image for the Marine Industries with Maritime UK (underpinned by common statistics and data).

Theme 2.

Deliver the Marine Industries export trade contribution to sustainable UK growth.

Theme 3.

Identify the priorities for marine technology and innovation investments by Government and industry, building on the roadmap.

Theme 4.

Development of a skills roadmap focused on delivering the long-term skills which will be required by industry.

Theme 5.

Exploit the potential for offshore renewables based industries and share knowledge on opportunities.

Theme 6.

Identification of risks and opportunities from existing and emerging regulations.


Future development theme

The Council will also develop a theme to improve the Marine supply chain.

Read the Marine Strategy document (Sept, 2011).


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