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£8million Vessel Efficiency Competition


The competition is aimed at accelerating marine innovation and technologies.

It covers most aspects of efficiency in ships, boats, submarines, their equipment and systems, and support vessels for offshore renewable energy.

Read the scoping document here - this gives useful background information, an indication of the scope and format of the competition and key dates.

Find out more at one of our FREE briefing events, where you will have a unique opportunity to network with other innovative organisations.

The competition will build on the industry roadmap which the Transport KTN supported the development of at the end of 2011.

The road map identified several top priority themes, some of which are already being addressed through other investment routes and national activities, enabling this competition to focus on themes covering carbon reduction, green propulsion for ships and boats, and Marine ICT. 

These are themes that can add value to future marine industries and would benefit from collaboration in research and development at national level.  This competition is expected to have a broad scope to encourage projects that can address them.

Use it or lose it!
There have been NINE Technology Strategy Board IDP funding competitions for low carbon road vehicles, amounting to over £200million public R&D funding for innovations in road transport.  

This is the first competition of its type for marine vessels that the Technology Strategy Board has run. If there is a high number of submissions for funds for this competition, it will prove to the governement and potential funding bodies that there is a real appetite in the industry for funding for innovation in the marine and maritime sectors.

The first major competition for innovation in the rail sector (Accelerating Innovation in Rail) last year was inundated with quality submissions, and resulted in £1million extra funding being provided so that more projects could be funded.

As a result of the popularity of the rail competition, we expect that there will be another rail competition in the new year.

So it is critical that - if you have an interest in claiming a piece of the projected £8bilion potential growth in this industry by 2020 - you submit a proposal to this competition when it opens in January, and don't "wait for the next one".

What will be included?
Innovation and technology themes in the Marine Vessel Efficiency Competition include, but are not limited to:

•Light weight materials and structures
•Smart materials and coatings
•Positioning and communications
•Autonomous sensing and advanced navigation
•Smart green propulsion, alternative low carbon fuels and emission reduction systems
•Vessel design including hydrodynamics, retro-fitting and modifications to existing assets
•Engineering and manufacturing processes

Who is it aimed at?
This competition is a welcome opportunity for marine companies throughout the UK, from leisure marine through to large shipping.  The whole industry (from ship and boatbuilders to equipment and systems suppliers, including small businesses) should consider how it could help their R&D plans for next year.  The dialogue with potential project partners should start as soon as possible, you are strongly encouraged to attend the awareness events that the KTN is running in November.  Preparation ahead of the Expressions of Interest opening on 14th Jan 2013 will ensure that industry maximises this opportunity.

The Transport KTN is working closely with the marine and maritime industry to disseminate information about this, and assist the formation of partnerships and collaborations.  

We are running three free events at the end of Nov/beginning Dec - one each in London (27th Nov), Glasgow (5th Dec) and Merseyside (11th Dec) - which are open to industry participants interested in finding out more about the scope of the competition, and the process of finding and working with partners and applying for funds, as well as networking with potential partners.

The Technology Strategy Board will hold an additional information day on 22nd Jan 2013.  The KTN events will ensure you are well-placed to act as soon as the competition opens.  

Collaborative R&D competitions follow a specified process and timescale (which is quite short!) - you can find out more in our handy document about this style of competition here.

What can you do now?
•Read the scope document
•Attend one of our events
•To get news of the events and useful info as soon as it happens, join this group and agree to receiving notifications from us.  As soon as any news is posted, you will receive a notification.  We will post articles about everything of relevance  - you'll get notification of these if you're a member of this group - and all members can comment on any article. 
•If you have any questions, please post them to our Q&A article. Anyone who has posted a comment on any article automatically receives notification if anyone else posts anything on that article after them, so you'll also receive advance notification of any other questions.
•All info will also be tweeted via our @transportktn twitter feed too, if that's how you prefer to get your updates.
•We have produced a short guide to applying for collaborative R&D competitions which you can download here.
•Want some ideas? You can read up about efficient ship design on this handy set of articles; find out a bit more about the key opportunities here; you can find out more about composites in ships with our materials KTN partner group Composites in Ships; you might also be interested in the writeup from the Composites in Ships event in Southampton which took place on 14th November 2012.

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